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Connecting with consumers in the right place, with the right messages, at precisely the right time is how our media company ensures your media budgets work best. Our unique approach to touchpoints sets us apart from traditional media players. We’ve built a dedicated team of the best media and analytics experts in the industry, and make ongoing investments in the latest media technologies to develop creative, efficient, transparent, and measurable solutiions. And when it comes to our working relationships with clients, we’re as service-oriented as we are strategic.

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In a distracted world, attention means

Attention means

Impressions Connect right arrow become conversions

Closes  Connect right arrow become clicks

Reach Connect right arrow becomes return

Share of voice Connect right arrow becomes brand of choice


Are the people you are reaching getting the message?

About Connect

In our 10 years as a media agency, we have become experts at cost effectively reaching anything from broad to highly targeted markets.

But with the media consumer increasingly distracted, reach is no longer enough.

Equally important is getting their attention, ensuring they don’t just see the message but understand it and if relevant enough, act on it.

Attention is our obsession.

Are the people you are reaching getting the message?
Let us ensure they are.


But you don’t just get someone’s attention, you work for it.

We tackle each brief focusing on

5 key areas:


Data Signals

Data Signals

What are the strongest signals across brand, media, competitor & consumer data that help direct media choice and tactics?


Reach Efficiency

Reach Efficiency

Are you targeting the right market in the most cost efficient way to maximise reach at minimum cost?


The Attention Moment

The Attention Moment

What are the potential distractions for the consumer in the moment you want to get their attention?


Attention Planning

Attention Planning

How do you plan to overcome those distractions to ensure we get their attention and the message lands?


Measure & Learn

Measure & Learn

What are the most useful outcomes for the campaign and how does that help us course correct for future activity?


Strategy & insights

We offer integrated media strategies, competitor analysis, target market analysis and media budget recommendations.
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Planning & buying

From reach and attention planning to digital buying as well as TV, radio, print & outdoor planning.
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Analytics & reporting

We provide insights and analytics on media landscapes, global consumer consumption.
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We assist with training to help marketing teams get up to date and empowered.
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We’ll take care of relationships with media partners to maximise value.
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